Certified translations

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Sworn Translator certification

Sworn Translator certification is put on documents to attest that the translation is a true and accurate rendering of the document and was made by the Translation Agency or a Sworn Translator from the source language to the target language.

Usually, the price of Translator or Translation Agency certification is included in the cost of the order. Any additional copies of the sworn translation may require an extra charge for certification. 

Solicitor or Notarized certification of the translation

Solicitor-certified or Notary-certified translations can only be provided by sworn translators and certified by Practising Solicitor or Public Notary.

To translate a document and notarize the original or certified copy of a source document has to be sewn together with the translation, then a special statutory declaration by the certified translator is attached. A Solicitor or a Notary certifies the signature of the translator.

Translation Legalization for the use abroad

Translation legalization is a process of document translation certification by a Solicitor or a Notary to attest that the document was translated in Ireland and the signature of the translator on it is authentic. Translation legalization for most countries is followed by the Apostille stamp.

Normally the price of certification may vary 20 to 35 Euro depending on the certifying authority. If you need to get your Irish document apostilled please visit our section Apostille for more information.